On Display in Mid-Missouri: The artistic journey of Larry Carver

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Jimmy Mustion

By Jimmy Mustion

Larry Carver began making art with a myriad of crayons tucked in a cigar box with a stack of coloring books to be filled.

In high school, he took every art class he could, which is the full extent of his formal art education, but not that of his journey as an artist.

He later began rendering in pointillist pen and ink style, and though he loved its textural effect, it was too tedious of a process. Over time, he ventured through pastel, watercolor and the caustic fumes of turpentine when oils were his medium of passion. And then, he settled with the usually favorable and fast-drying characteristics of acrylics.

Through time and experimentation, he added a glazing medium to slow the drying time down and add to his advantage. This liquid medium also enhances the glazing technique he uses to layer complementary color over its mate while building up, sometimes scumbling (an art term that means to modify by applying a very thin coat of opaque paint to give a softer or duller

“Sunday Comics” by Larry Carver.  This cat is much like Carver’s beloved cat named “VO”. The newspaper was definitely a challenge.  The lead article was of a relocated home now on the Farm Bureau property that was once part of his old homestead.

effect), correcting and connecting with the ever-present goal for texture. Never forget that shadows contain reflective light and ambiance. Carver finds it irresistible to capture the splintery textures of weathered wood, the rasp of rust and the narrow halo of light for roundness. Paint the light that strikes the object and not the object itself while the shadow adds depth and texture adds character. These touches will help the viewer feel the painting with their eyes.

Carver is now an award-winning artist, former president of the Jefferson City Art Club and former board member at Capital Arts. He has been juried into Watercolor USA on several occasions, along with The Missouri Watercolor National. Carver is a signature member of both the Missouri Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Honor Society, and has had a recent work, “The Game of Their Lives,” published in the hardbound North Light Books “AcrylicWorks 6.”

Some of his past paintings were created along the lines of the surrealism movement, a different take of imagery all in a realistic style but exploring a dreamlike theme. For example, animal characters set in a human-type situation with a well-defined meaning that can be conjured by the viewer. Other examples of his work depict endangered animal species in which their habitat may also be endangered.

“The Game of Their Lives” by Larry Carver has been published in the hardbound North Light Book “AcrylicWorks6” and is now available on Amazon.

He has studied the work of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth and Maxfield Parish, with contemporaries being Richard Schmid and Jeremy Lipking. All these artists have made statements in style, the history of their times and their take on color, value and shadows.

Carver’s new vision is focused on realistic portraits from photographs, as setters usually don’t have the time to pose. For more information on that, contact Carver through his wife’s Facebook page, Cindy Powell Carver. There, you can also find videos to walk you through some of Carver’s paintings. By pausing on the elements one at a time, you can even make your own versions.

Carver is represented by The Art House in Fulton and you can find videos of his paintings on YouTube under “Artist Larry Carver Exhibit at the Missouri River Regional Library 2018.”

Mid-Missouri Art Happenings and Exhibits

Artist Gary Cadwallader has very basic design, drawing and watercolor demos on YouTube, using regular watercolors; look for the G logo. Another artist, Larry Carver, released a series of instructional videos to walk

“Avian Gothic” by Larry Carver is his interpretation of the renowned “American Gothic” by Grant Woods. Carver used two barn owls as the main characters and inserted a single wheat stem to stand in for the pitchfork.

people through his most requested paintings one element at a time, allowing viewers to produce their own versions. Find the videos on Facebook on Cindy Powell Carver’s page.

Art Underground Downtown offers classical art training for all ages in a historic and art-filled atmosphere. All classes are booked through the end of the summer. Classes for children in kindergarten through 12th grade will be held Tuesday through Thursday nights in September. For more information, call 573-355-2255 or email artundergrounddowntown@gmail.com.

Columbia Palette (Plein Air Painting) meets each week to paint in different places. Group members are of different backgrounds and experiences. All benefit from this sharing of ideas, techniques and materials. Painting as a group gives each member a chance to interact with artists, hear their encouragement and receive constructive criticism. Find out more at columbiapalettepainting.weebly.com.

At the Capital Arts Gallery, “The Imagination Station” will help you learn to paint, an exciting experience for the whole family or even just one person for only $1 per person. You can paint pictures of many kinds and ceramic bowl painting is also available. It’s fully stocked and has many prearranged art projects.

From Sept. 20 through Oct. 29, the Capital Arts Gallery will host “Myth and Legends,” which gives artists room to interpret what’s fact versus fiction. A reception is set for 1-4 p.m. Sept. 29. The gallery is located at 1203 Missouri Blvd. For more information, call 573-635-8355 or visit capitalarts.org.

The Village Art Studio offers birthday parties for all ages, as well as private art events at 1502 E. High St., Suites 40 and 60. Call Ann for more information at 573-230-1414.

Orr Street Studios offers a studio space for artists with many coming for conversation and the celebration of creation. For more information, call 573-875-4370 or email director@orrstreetstudios.com.

The Silver Smith’s Design Company specializes in personalized jewelry made of silver and precious stones. Sarah Smith is an accomplished artist/painter. The Smiths make fork and spoon rings, which may be made from your own antique silver, or you can choose from their extensive selection. Debbie Smith designs and re-designs handmade clothes, which may be made from your own clothes. The company has a shop in Tipton at 11272 U.S. 50. For more information, find the Silver Smiths on Etsy, Facebook or Instagram.

The Lake Arts Council and “Arts at the Lake” brings the arts to the Lake of the Ozark area. On Sept. 22, Ivories & Harmonies will be at the Community Christian Church in Camdenton; on Oct. 6, Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers will be at the Ozark Yacht Club; and on Oct. 12, the Lake Area Fiber Arts Festival will be at the Community Christian Church in Camdenton. For more information, call 573-374-9297 or visit artsatthelake.com.

Tune in to JCTV to see Rick Jey, also known as JCAC member Jerry Ricker, host “Spotlight On The Arts,” a 30-minute interview of one artist, and “Mid-Missouri Art News,” which features two guests in 15-minute interviews. Jey also hosts “Quilting Inside and Out.” Find JCTV on CenturyLink and Mediacom, as well as on YouTube.

The JCAC Featured Artist through Sept. 19 is artist Brandi Rackers. You may view a collection of Rackers’ artwork, including paintings and ceramic relief sculptures, at the Department of Motor Vehicles, 1617 Southridge Drive. Also, find her as featured artist at the JCAC website, jeffersoncityartclub-missouri.com. Starting Sept. 20, the featured artist will be Essex Garner.

The Mid-Missouri Art Alliance of Ashland Mo. is offering basic oil painting class on Sept. 16, 23 and 30. The class costs $90 for members and $100 for non-members, and it is a prerequisite for a class that follows. You can register for the class online under adult classes. Youth art classes are held from 6-7 p.m. Thursdays for those in grades third through 12th. The class costs $80 per month for members and $90 for non-members. You can register for the class online under youth classes.

The second Boone Plein Air will be held Oct. 18-20. Register at midmissouriartsalliance.com/boone-plein-air-october-18-20-2019.html. Cash prizes are awarded totaling more than $2,000. There is a $50 fee to register. The gallery is located at 115 E. Broadway in Ashland. For more information, call 573-657-0711 or email midmoarts@midmissouriartsalliance.com.

Jimmy Mustion is a professional artist based in Jefferson City who is involved in area arts organizations and galleries.

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