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Staff, readers share information, photos
of their precious pets

They are our loyal protectors, our obsessions, our family members, our best friends. Pets complete us in so many ways, and HER Magazine asked its staff and readers to share why their canine and feline companions truly are their BFF’s.

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Melanie Anderson and Rosie

Dave Anderson, Columbia 

Rosie, age 4

Rosie and my wife Melanie are very adventurous. Rose just celebrated her fourth birthday and has kept her mom busy for those four years traveling the country for work. … She has lived in eight different states during her short, fun-filled time with us.

Kayla Arnold, California

Mollie, age 4

Mollie is a Chiwienie (Chihuahua and Dachshund, or wiener dog, mix) and loves her feline brothers and

Kayla Arnold and Mollie

sister, 5-year-old Meelo and 3-year-old Louie and Prudence. She also loves to go for rides in the car, bars at the neighborhood cows and enjoy treats. She is my little shadow.

Kris Baker, Wardsville

Remington, age 4 1/2

Remi, short for Remington, is an Australian Shepard and is definitely my daughter Zoe’s dog. We adopted Remi from the Jefferson City Animal Shelter about three and a half years ago. He was about 11 months old when we adopted him and he had never been indoors before. … He loves to chase tennis balls, roll in the grass, and follow us when working around the yard. One of the funniest things Remi does is bark at me if I don’t hug and love him first when I come home from work, even if I try to hug my children first. Everyone in the house must show him love first. 


Emma Benke, Jefferson City

Winston, age 1

It only took Emma five years of begging and pleading with her parents to let her adopt a German Shepherd puppy on Mother’s Day 2017. Winston is super smart, knows all sorts of tricks and commands, and is very loyal. He loves hanging out at the dog park, long walks looking for sticks, playing football and getting into the trash.

Kaity Cotten, Jefferson City

Ollie (2) and Piper (4)

We got Ollie, an English Bull Terrier, when he was a baby and Piper, a Jack Russell terrier mix, last spring. We snuggle in bed, take long walks and go on kayak rides with them. They also attended my legal wedding ceremony with my husband, Cameron, this past November. I can’t imagine life without them!

Kristin Forck, Charlotte, N.C.

Emma Benke and Winston

Fozzie, age 3

I have been a fur mom to Fozzie since he was 9 weeks old. Born and raised in Jefferson City, I moved out to Charlotte, North Carolina four and half years ago for a new position. I found Fozzie through a rescue at the time I was going to meet his sister, Zoey. I sat on the ground and Zeke, as Fozzie was known before I got him, came running into my lap; the rest is history. Zoey looked like a miniature lab with short hair, but he had longer hair … (which is) why I named him Fozzie after the Muppet. His father was a Chihuahua/dachshund and his mother was a spaniel/retriever. He has actually been the bridge to meeting so many people around the area. Fetch is his jam; he could play for hours. … He has been such a blessing and has made me more selfless in life knowing he depends on me. What he doesn’t realize is how much I depend on him as a companion as well. 

Sally Ince, Jefferson City

Martini, age 12

Martini is a Jack Russell/rat terrier mix who loves attention, outside adventures and the abundance of treats she gets

Cameron and Kaity Cotten with pups, Ollie and Piper

from her grandparents. Her mom got Martini, a Jack Russell/rat terrier mix, at only 8 weeks old when she was small enough to fit in a martini glass. Now much older and weighing roughly 15 pounds, she is still full of energy. Since mom can’t have pets in her apartment, Martini resides in Florida with her grandparents where she is pack leader of two other pups from her past litters.

Lauren Inman, Loose Creek

Deuce, age 10

This is myself and my fur baby Deuce, a handsome Westie. I got him as a little pup, just as soon as he could leave his mom. He is so happy and full of life and energy.

Angela Kruse and Ryan Shiner, Columbia

Cartoon (14), Clara (10) and Tiggy (9 months)

Angela Kruse and Ryan Shiner adopted Cartoon, who tried to write her own bio but got tired, from the Central Missouri Humane Society in May 2017. Some of Cartoon’s favorite activities include soaking up rays

Kristin Forck and Fozzie


in the living room, taking naps, laying in freshly clean clothes, jumping to higher ground, making sure the neighborhood is OK during her regular window sill visits and an ongoing war with a red laser. Clara loves to lay around and play the string game, being with us since October 2017. If you pet her just right, she’ll purr louder than any cay you’ve ever met. She also loves to lay on or near her scratch pots and receive belly rubs. Having him since January, Tiggy is a ball of furry energy. When he’s not chasing his toys, he likes to follow us around the apartment, tells them how his day is going and also checks up on what Cartoon and Clara are doing at all hours. 

Rebecca Martin, Jefferson City

Willie, age 5

Willie was adopted as a kitten from the Dogwood Animal Shelter in Osage Beach. Willie enjoys hanging out with me, my husband Eric and her canine brother, Waylon, a 5-year-old Beagle/Bassett Hound.

Janet Ousley, Jefferson City

Sally Ince and Martini


Toby Keith, (15), and Sugar Button (5)

Toby Keith, my Peek-A-Poo (Pekinese Poodle mix) is 15 years old and born on St. Patrick’s Day, which makes him a lucky dog. My husband and I have been wanting a Peek-A-Poo, and was able to get our first pick of a litter born in Ashland. I brought him home, my husband picked him up and he just melted. He is kind, sweet natured and loves getting hugs and attention. Our Sugar Button is 5 years old, and I rescued her from the lot right next to where I work at the News Tribune. 

Ashley Pederson, Jefferson City

In memory of Lola

Lola is pictured here with my husband Dave when we went to Alaska to visit my dad. Lola

has been on a lot of fun trips with us! Our sweet baby Lola passed away a few years ago, and

Lauren Inman and Deuce

she is still in our hearts. I found her on the side of the road several years ago. I could tell that she was always so grateful to me for picking her up. She was starving and was covered in ticks when I found her. She had a great rest of her life with us and I know she had a hard life before we found her. I opened my car door and she jumped right in my car! It caught me a little off guard. I didn’t know at the time if I wanted a dog, but I thought this was a sign that I was supposed to have one. We miss our little Lola!

Jennifer Peters, Jefferson City

Miller, age 9

My Golden Retriever named Miller just turned 9 years old this past August and I have had him since he was 7 weeks old. He is my sidekick, my shadow. He has such a sensitive soul and loves to just hang out and be petted. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Heather Pirner, Jefferson City




Buddy, age 5

Buddy is a sweet and cuddly Golden Retriever who is just plain awesome! It is such a privilege to have him in our lives. Buddy is polite, friendly (though shy at first) and very smart. He is loved by anyone who meets him.

Rebecca Martin and Willie

Nicole Roberts, Jefferson City

Tenkerbelle, age 18

My calico kitty resides in Springfield, Missouri, with my parents because my apartment doesn’t allow pets. I got her when I was about 5 years old and didn’t know how to spell “Tinkerbelle,” so I spelled her name as “Tenkerbelle.” Even though my parents knew that wasn’t the correct spelling, they let me keep spelling it like that while growing up. Now 17 years later, we still spell her name with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘i.’ She also likes playing with shoelaces and sitting leisurely in boxes and on plastic bags.

Sue Schumacher, Gravois Mills

Scooby, age 5

Scooby accidentally took this picture with his paw when my phone camera was laying on my front console on time delay! My heart belongs to this guy. Scooby is 5 years old and has never met a stranger. Some of his many talents are howling “I Love You,” and barking mute when told “Do easy inside voice!”

Sugar Button

Toby Keith

Rosie Woodruff, Jefferson City

Odin, at least 6 months old

On March 21, employees at the News Tribune office noticed a faint “meow” in the basement and realized that there was a cat stuck in the ceiling. Rescue attempts were unsuccessful at first, and the little cat began to scratch his way out of the ceiling. He finally tore out a hole large enough to stick his head through and eventually was able to get his front paws through the hole. Employees acted quickly to get the ceiling board pushed aside in order to grab the cat and get him safely to the ground. Reporter Phillip Joens and Opinion Editor Gerry Tritz braved the “antique” office ladder and coaxed the small cat out of the ceiling and into a waiting box below. The ceiling cat was taken to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter to check for a chip and to file a lost report, but nothing was on file for the little guy. Rosie Woodruff, News Tribune and HER Magazine designer, took him home to join her flock of cats, including 7-year-old Rainy, 5-year-old Vela, 3-year-old Loki and 8-month-old Simon and river. She named him Odin Azazel. Odin received a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, and he happily purrs whenever a person is near. A true social cat-erfly, Odin is a welcome addition to the family. 

Nicole Roberts and Tenkerbelle

Dave Pederson and Lola

Jennifer Peters and Miller



Sue Schumacher and Scooby

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